Difficulties of traditional data platforms


Evolution of traditional data platforms is started from manual paper works where data are stored in papers in a file. The data are bulky in this system and there’s a maximum possibility to have more duplicated data. A large number of people work day and night to store the data  and analyze it. Then organizations started their investments in centralized database systems where disadvantages of manual paper works are totally eliminated. Still people started feeling many difficulties with centralized data platforms such as

Evolvement of new data source

Due to the development of new sources based on the distributed database which are not processed by the traditional data platforms, which become a top preference for organizations to shift from centralized database platforms to distributive data platforms.

Unstructured data

Processing the unstructured data from various big data source is tougher. Traditional database supports unstructured data only to a short extent. When it comes to an entire organizations , big data platforms are required.Unstructured data from the social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc plays a vital role in organizations development which can be analyzed with big data analytics.

Expensive and timely process

Traditional data platforms are very expensive. Gathering the structured data from a traditional database is not a burdensome. But analyzing and visualizing it always takes plenty of time. Complete team should work with the data from the database to analyze the data which increases the investment of the corporate.

Quicker Analytics and decision making

Decision making to achieve success is the primary goal for all organizations. Quicker Analytics of up-to-date leads to proper decision making. Organization can’t acquire real time data immediately with traditional database. With big data analytics load terabytes of up-to-date data and achieve quicker reasoning.

Enrich your business through Business Intelligence


Our current generation is a data-driven era since businessmen and entrepreneurs shifted towards data-driven systems. Storing your data in the database is a regular process in a business whereas using such data to build your business empire is everyone started looking out for. Business Intelligence, just like a ladder, helps business users in levitating their business, through data structuring, data analysis and forecasting and data visualization.

Modeling the business

Model the business with the perfect data acquired through business intelligence. Don’t have an assumption based conversations with executives to make a decision. Visualize the data and make immediate decisions.

Customer’s behavior

To be powerful in the global market, it’s always necessary to know the customer’s changing trends. Hence understanding the customer’s health with the business is necessary. Keep track of the customer’s behavior and providing their necessity would be the best way which is possible through business intelligence.

Real-time data

Business Intelligence supports the user in pulling the up-to-date data. Know well up-to-the-second data to change the decision to increase revenue even at the last moment.

Financial insight

Get the manufacturing cost of the product and design pricing based on that. Stop waiting for an assistant to get the data and calculate it. Business Intelligence provides the direct way to catch the financial information without someone’s support. Eliminate spending huge money on waste.

Location Segmentation

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, a great proverb which suits well for a business. There is no use in selling sweaters at the desert. Location plays a major role since the people and their culture is different. Drill down to any location with business intelligence to understand the location’s mandatory and model the business.

Pinpoint the failures

Business should know where the pain points and start working on it. With the traditional approach, a large team works day and night to pinpoint their hurdles. The biggest advantage with BI is that analyzing the problem with business is no more a harder activity.

Decydz, an end-to-end business intelligence platform, analyze organization’s bigdata and pinpoint the pains to make immediate decisions. With decydz, blend all your structured and unstructured data from multiple data source and visualize it through interactive graphs and tables without any technical support. Understand the business and competition and enrich your business through decydz.

Why in-memory business intelligence is need of hour?


Data availability

Data availability is the major reason where organizations are transforming from the phase of traditional way of processing the data to in-memory processing. Due to the emerging of big data in real-time, organizations started looking forward in real-time analytics. Business intelligence using in-memory (on the go) technology is best possible way to analyze real-time data. Corporates begin touching social networking data and other sources to levitate their global business. With in-memory business intelligence it’s easy to acquire live business and IoT data.

Faster decisions

Global competition induces the organizations to take immediate decisions on their industrial activities. Time is gold and the business intelligence supports in retaining your business with faster conclusions. Plan on sales, marketing and other department’s real-time data in-time without any hurdles.

Data visualization

“A Data Junkie is someone who relies on data in the form of graphs and charts”. Making use of charts and interactive graphs to understand their business in well explained manner is something all the industries expecting. Even the individuals started spending on the business intelligence to analyze their spending. It’s always better to visualize your client’s behavior in graphs rather than in a boring way.