End-to-end solutions to manage your data!!

solutionIn today’s data punctuated world, every touch point (mobiles, tablets, desktops etc) generate huge amounts of data as we process transactions and conduct businesses. This increase in data population has obviously given rise to a lot of data tools that promise you everything you need to know about your data.

The world is a connected place, thanks to high speed Internet and a plethora of devices available that takes center-stage in today’s business. But unless we make sense out of data, we can never improve or go to the next level. That’s the main reason for data analytics. It is the science of studying data, its life-cycle and history. Insights arrived from such studies pave way to make finite conclusions. But to get to the insights you must have proper data and proper analytical tools.

Proper checkpoints to prune your data collection are necessary–such that you don’t collect everything that’s not necessary, but the bits that are important and critical. These must be well documented. When run through the proper tools and systems, it will give you a complete visual picture of your business, future predictions, analysis etc.

Today, the marketplace is flooded with tools and software to give you detailed data analysis and insight in a variety of flavors and prices, but experience differs. There’s no point in investing in a tool that takes all of your time to generate reports. You’d be rather well off to spend more time with analyzing your data than doing configurations and setups. Most tools never present you the complete picture – when you want it. Most often enterprises get stuck here because they may not know technical details of the databases, data stores, formats etc. They invariably come to depend on an expert or some third party vendor to provide that fix that enables everything.

That’s why a holistic, end-to-end solution approach is necessary. This way, functions, processes and procedures will fly out of the window and you’d never need to get alarmed at anything because the tool is smart enough to know what to do with the data it is presented with. This solves many problems like connectivity issues/data formats/ adapters/settings / dealing with structured/unstructured data which plague most tools today. The results are instantaneous. Add a fluid and easy to understand interface, you’re good to go in minutes.

Investing in end-to-end solutions are the best bet as they save enterprises on setting up time, configurations, process flow etc. It does not matter if you’re a start up, an SMB or a bigger player. The most crucial piece every business wants to understand and master is data. The faster they get informed, the sooner they can make changes for the better.

This is where decydz help enterprises enormously. Spending 80% of the valuable time on modeling the data will be no longer a time-consuming process. With decydz import your data source with just clicks, build a relationship between data and create widget with charts and graphs. Decydz provide interactive visualization which reduces the gap between the executives and their business data.

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Self Service Business Intelligence Platform

Decydz is the new, intuitive data agnostic platform from Arivelm. With Decydz, watch and interact with your data in a matter of clicks. Get deep driven visualizations,reports in seconds. Save time, costs, resources with Decydz. From messy data to magical dashboards, Decydz empowers you with insights on any device that accelerate your business growth.

In an addition, Business users can create their own data visualizations to utilize interactive reports and dashboards. Check out the infographic below to learn more about Decydz features and how it can help you take your business to the next level.