Manufacturing industry and Business Intelligence

With increasing competition and ever more demanding customers,manufacturing is become too tough in the past several decades.The manufacturing enterprise must carefully monitor and analyze product,pricing, quality,process, competitors in local, regional and international level, and find ways to optimize resources to achieve maximum productivity with minimum investment.

Manufacturing organization depends on labor and real-time data a lot. They must analyze the machine status and predict the flow for the failure so that they could avoid the failure for the forthcoming flows.

Challenges in Manufacturing Industry:

  • Integrating data source

Integrating their machine data and managing it requires high technical and process query every time which is not business user-friendly.

  • Real-time tracking

Biggest problem Manufacturing industry face is determining the accurate location of failure in a complete machine. Hence real-time tracking is an unavoidable process to be carried out and checked properly.

  • Failure prediction

Predicting the failure from the pre-processed testing flow is a difficult process as it involves manual training and consumes more days to complete.

  • Technical independence

Business users started getting their hands into the analysis of their business on their own. Instead of coding and processing query, something more user-friendly and interactive would support them.

  • Graphical visualization of data

Reporting data in the form of graphs is much useful to get deep insights.


Decydz BI supports various data sources to be integrated and used as a platform from modeling the data to visualize it in a graphical representation. Use different graph types to visualize business data in a well customized and understandable way. Just a click on the graph to drill down for possible deeper insights. Reporting is auto updated to achieve the real-time data testing.

Decydz BI can close the gap between data and manufacturer by improving the availability and delivery of actionable data with minimal IT involvement. Without the technical panel support, manufacturer  can achieve the super-easy analytics and predictions in just clicks. Decydz BI determines the prediction flow of testing and analyze data which helps the manufacturing process in future to reduce the failures.

Get access to the most interactive and user-friendly platform and accomplish the business victory.

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