Why in-memory business intelligence is need of hour?


Data availability

Data availability is the major reason where organizations are transforming from the phase of traditional way of processing the data to in-memory processing. Due to the emerging of big data in real-time, organizations started looking forward in real-time analytics. Business intelligence using in-memory (on the go) technology is best possible way to analyze real-time data. Corporates begin touching social networking data and other sources to levitate their global business. With in-memory business intelligence it’s easy to acquire live business and IoT data.

Faster decisions

Global competition induces the organizations to take immediate decisions on their industrial activities. Time is gold and the business intelligence supports in retaining your business with faster conclusions. Plan on sales, marketing and other department’s real-time data in-time without any hurdles.

Data visualization

“A Data Junkie is someone who relies on data in the form of graphs and charts”. Making use of charts and interactive graphs to understand their business in well explained manner is something all the industries expecting. Even the individuals started spending on the business intelligence to analyze their spending. It’s always better to visualize your client’s behavior in graphs rather than in a boring way.

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