“Any time is a good time to start a company”

“Create something people really need”

These are the slogans we spelled all the time when we had an idea for a startup.

Feeling amazed and it’s always great to start the journey of passion and goal to be achieved. We launched Arivelm by end of the year 2015. Yes, it was a month of December with refreshing cold and pleasant rain. We, a small team of self-motivated who love to walk towards the passion connected up in Arivelm.

Startups have always been hard. If you really believe that you have something useful to share with the world go for it. It is not only about your ideas and innovation, but how you really work it out matters.

Making better and easy solutions for business user’s Big Data problems is our primary goal. There are many tools in the market which provides data analysis. After many considerations we came to understand that the business executives are trembling in quicker analytics and data scientists are getting troubled towards data modeling and data availability. We decided to eliminate that gulf between the tool and the executives.

We started working on prototype for self-service analytics platform, decydz. More discussions made us to accomplish ways to bring the unstructured data from various source. Our aim is to build an analytic platform, which helps the business users to enable the analytics quickly and reduced percentage of failure. We worked in a way such that the business users can build their own analytics in time.

Took Initiations in getting reviewed by customers which led us to construct the tool. Decydz was developed based on the requirements from the clients of various cores. Then we begin architecture the Minimum viable product with core features and got different feedback which let us to dig more for the betterment of customers. Facing naysayers led to make changes in the product. We always interested in building a product which provides end-to-end usability.

After the complete validation, we commenced transforming the Minimum viable product to version 0.1. Eventually we begin working with SAP as a member of SAP Startup Focus Program in providing the analytic solution.

Our journey for the past year was greatly evolved with our product ‘decydz’ evolution. Now we are happy to inform that decydz can reduce your time consuming in data modeling, metadata management and enhance your business by taking in-time decisions without any technical support. We are friendly team and ready to support you.

You don’t always need a big investment, huge savings to create something that amaze the world. If your idea is solid, problem solving then you have nothing to worry about! there will be always a loyal market for you…

To build a successful business, we need to create a right mix of self-motivated employees inside your organization. That’s why We hired the people who want to change the world not their designation.

As a new startup, we feel we are currently in a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. But it is really thrilling!!!

We would like to keep you all connected and love to share our stories in future posts.
Will come back soon…Cheers….

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