Manufacturing industry and Business Intelligence

With increasing competition and ever more demanding customers,manufacturing is become too tough in the past several decades.The manufacturing enterprise must carefully monitor and analyze product,pricing, quality,process, competitors in local, regional and international level, and find ways to optimize resources to achieve maximum productivity with minimum investment.

Manufacturing organization depends on labor and real-time data a lot. They must analyze the machine status and predict the flow for the failure so that they could avoid the failure for the forthcoming flows.

Challenges in Manufacturing Industry:

  • Integrating data source

Integrating their machine data and managing it requires high technical and process query every time which is not business user-friendly.

  • Real-time tracking

Biggest problem Manufacturing industry face is determining the accurate location of failure in a complete machine. Hence real-time tracking is an unavoidable process to be carried out and checked properly.

  • Failure prediction

Predicting the failure from the pre-processed testing flow is a difficult process as it involves manual training and consumes more days to complete.

  • Technical independence

Business users started getting their hands into the analysis of their business on their own. Instead of coding and processing query, something more user-friendly and interactive would support them.

  • Graphical visualization of data

Reporting data in the form of graphs is much useful to get deep insights.


Decydz BI supports various data sources to be integrated and used as a platform from modeling the data to visualize it in a graphical representation. Use different graph types to visualize business data in a well customized and understandable way. Just a click on the graph to drill down for possible deeper insights. Reporting is auto updated to achieve the real-time data testing.

Decydz BI can close the gap between data and manufacturer by improving the availability and delivery of actionable data with minimal IT involvement. Without the technical panel support, manufacturer  can achieve the super-easy analytics and predictions in just clicks. Decydz BI determines the prediction flow of testing and analyze data which helps the manufacturing process in future to reduce the failures.

Get access to the most interactive and user-friendly platform and accomplish the business victory.

Why retail industry should implement Business Intelligence?


Retail spend more time and money for analyzing data and decision making which is mandatory to analyze on the customer’s segmentation based on the product and predict the competitor’s business.

Challenges in Retail Industry:

  • Product visibility

Product visibility is one of the major problems which comprises of knowing where the inventory resides, total product availability, keeping track of the inventory life cycle and in-depth analysis of sales transaction.

  • Real-time stock updates

Real-time product updates are mandatory to run a retail industry successfully. Due to globalization and big data, competition between the industries increases. Hence its necessary to move with the real-time data analysis to convince their customers and provide them according to their preference.

  • Vendor Segmentation

Exploring the vendors to achieve at supply base. Segmenting the vendors based on different levels is to be determined in the retail industry.

  • Geographical segmentation

Geographical segmentation refers to analyzing the market based on the location. It’s always better to implement customer retention and acquisition based on the industry location. Staff management based on the location is the easiest management.

  • Market segmentation

Market segmentation helps in understanding the customer’s need. Evaluate customers into groups and marketing the product based on the evaluation. Product prioritization can be easily achieved with market segmentation.

  • Technical independence

Retail business users always depend on the technical team to prepare report, analysis, and prediction for their business. They spend more time and money in data exploration and buy too many products to achieve analysis and prediction flow.

  • Quicker analysis

Sometimes it even takes months to explore the data and analyze it.

Solution from Decydz BI

Decydz BI provides complete analytics solution with clicks. Our retail client has reported its easy for them to model their data without technical knowledge in minutes.  Before they used to spend days to export the data and work with it which is now reduced to minutes. To be precise their average time spending with the data analytics is reduced from 4 months to 2 days.

It results in 80% reduction in opex and capex cost.  Now our client is taking decisions based on reporting and analysis in-time with the real data.  They can easily integrate both structured and unstructured data into decydz BI and predict their business.

With decydz BI, segmenting customers and competitors based on the Customer’s sales life, best products, geography, brands, and vendors become easier.

There is no learning curve. Just drill down into your data for deeper insights. We provide customized solutions to industry and department. Easily publish and share your reports securely. Decydz maximizes your ability to analyze hidden and hard-to-understand data.

Big data strategy for business success


There is a big necessity created for big data. Initially, it was easy to maintain and visualize the data from the operational systems. Then arises the big data with the increase in a source, data, a variety of data, a velocity of data and volume of data.

Necessity of big data 

Big data platforms are mandatory since the volume and variety of data is increased tremendously which made organizations harder to maintain it. A multiple numbers of unstructured sources emerged which caused managing more data. The traditional BI methodologies do not manage and analyze the multiple sources with countless data.

Big data helps in business success

To succeed in the business, executives should focus more on data from multiple sources. Mostly all the organizations started using big data since there’s lots of data entombed in the various source. Another biggest advantage towards big data is using the data to other purposes like decision making, real-time data visualization, billing mechanism etc. Even though there are many hurdles, a company must have a valid big data strategy.

Planning of BI platform

Data is the key-point for every corporate. The biggest constraint is accessing the data from an unstructured source like social media and external source. People working with the data should make use of the data from various sources to be integrated, visualized and analyzed. Those analyzed model should help the executives in decision-making for the long-term commitments and investments.

When an organization is taking a long-step to move into a big data platform, they should think about the platform’s long-term planning, investment, analytics model, predictive, location, vendor and other segmentation analytics.

Applying use cases

There are a plethora of use cases from big data. Use-cases serves in satisfying the business necessity purpose. Techies work with big data use case and come to a final decision on how it will work for their business. Applying use case provides a great clarification to the analytics.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics model is preferred most from the analytics model. Billing mechanism, location-based-methodologies, vendor analytics, customer analytics are mandatory to succeed in business. With predictive analytics, analyze the short term and long term goals. Decision making with this analytical model is an easy methodology.

Difficulties of traditional data platforms


Evolution of traditional data platforms is started from manual paper works where data are stored in papers in a file. The data are bulky in this system and there’s a maximum possibility to have more duplicated data. A large number of people work day and night to store the data  and analyze it. Then organizations started their investments in centralized database systems where disadvantages of manual paper works are totally eliminated. Still people started feeling many difficulties with centralized data platforms such as

Evolvement of new data source

Due to the development of new sources based on the distributed database which are not processed by the traditional data platforms, which become a top preference for organizations to shift from centralized database platforms to distributive data platforms.

Unstructured data

Processing the unstructured data from various big data source is tougher. Traditional database supports unstructured data only to a short extent. When it comes to an entire organizations , big data platforms are required.Unstructured data from the social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc plays a vital role in organizations development which can be analyzed with big data analytics.

Expensive and timely process

Traditional data platforms are very expensive. Gathering the structured data from a traditional database is not a burdensome. But analyzing and visualizing it always takes plenty of time. Complete team should work with the data from the database to analyze the data which increases the investment of the corporate.

Quicker Analytics and decision making

Decision making to achieve success is the primary goal for all organizations. Quicker Analytics of up-to-date leads to proper decision making. Organization can’t acquire real time data immediately with traditional database. With big data analytics load terabytes of up-to-date data and achieve quicker reasoning.

Enrich your business through Business Intelligence


Our current generation is a data-driven era since businessmen and entrepreneurs shifted towards data-driven systems. Storing your data in the database is a regular process in a business whereas using such data to build your business empire is everyone started looking out for. Business Intelligence, just like a ladder, helps business users in levitating their business, through data structuring, data analysis and forecasting and data visualization.

Modeling the business

Model the business with the perfect data acquired through business intelligence. Don’t have an assumption based conversations with executives to make a decision. Visualize the data and make immediate decisions.

Customer’s behavior

To be powerful in the global market, it’s always necessary to know the customer’s changing trends. Hence understanding the customer’s health with the business is necessary. Keep track of the customer’s behavior and providing their necessity would be the best way which is possible through business intelligence.

Real-time data

Business Intelligence supports the user in pulling the up-to-date data. Know well up-to-the-second data to change the decision to increase revenue even at the last moment.

Financial insight

Get the manufacturing cost of the product and design pricing based on that. Stop waiting for an assistant to get the data and calculate it. Business Intelligence provides the direct way to catch the financial information without someone’s support. Eliminate spending huge money on waste.

Location Segmentation

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, a great proverb which suits well for a business. There is no use in selling sweaters at the desert. Location plays a major role since the people and their culture is different. Drill down to any location with business intelligence to understand the location’s mandatory and model the business.

Pinpoint the failures

Business should know where the pain points and start working on it. With the traditional approach, a large team works day and night to pinpoint their hurdles. The biggest advantage with BI is that analyzing the problem with business is no more a harder activity.

Decydz, an end-to-end business intelligence platform, analyze organization’s bigdata and pinpoint the pains to make immediate decisions. With decydz, blend all your structured and unstructured data from multiple data source and visualize it through interactive graphs and tables without any technical support. Understand the business and competition and enrich your business through decydz.

Why in-memory business intelligence is need of hour?


Data availability

Data availability is the major reason where organizations are transforming from the phase of traditional way of processing the data to in-memory processing. Due to the emerging of big data in real-time, organizations started looking forward in real-time analytics. Business intelligence using in-memory (on the go) technology is best possible way to analyze real-time data. Corporates begin touching social networking data and other sources to levitate their global business. With in-memory business intelligence it’s easy to acquire live business and IoT data.

Faster decisions

Global competition induces the organizations to take immediate decisions on their industrial activities. Time is gold and the business intelligence supports in retaining your business with faster conclusions. Plan on sales, marketing and other department’s real-time data in-time without any hurdles.

Data visualization

“A Data Junkie is someone who relies on data in the form of graphs and charts”. Making use of charts and interactive graphs to understand their business in well explained manner is something all the industries expecting. Even the individuals started spending on the business intelligence to analyze their spending. It’s always better to visualize your client’s behavior in graphs rather than in a boring way.

Grow your business with the power of business intelligence!

money_graph_515827Business intelligence is a complete process comprising of data mining, integration, data modeling and visualization. With an overflow of data, data analysts and business executives find it hard to navigate across the sea of data, modeling and finding inference from it. Only business intelligence can serve as a support to save business from capsizing. There are many enterprises that provide business intelligence platform to drive your business. Business intelligence and analytics are must to enrich your business for the future.

Real time data processing

Real time data is essential for businesses to make immediate decisions. Mining real time data and modeling it is the hardest and crucial action. Data should be available in-time to the executives so that the powerful business outcome can be expected and implemented. Business intelligence is essential to overcome all these problems.

Comprehensive dashboard for your enterprise

Organizations have more departments like sales, marketing, operations, finance and accounting, research and development etc. Result must be viewed from the entire department. Business intelligence imports internal and external data and helps in business enablement.

Business intelligence helps you point out the pain points

In this challenging market, its organizations first duty to provide the service what their competitors considered as weakness. Business Intelligence draws your attention towards respective core pain points. With pain points, develop the company’s efficiency.

Visualize customer changing trends

Business preferences changed based on the changing trends by the decision makers. Lead your development team from the analysis of customer insights. By infusing the power of business intelligence and applying them on customer data, you stand to gain deep insights on their behavior and can easily predict their next move. This will help you to be more in line with their changing trends and preferences. This works both ways as you get to customize your services according to what your customers want; and customers also feel a sense of privileged service.

Return of investment(ROI)

Measuring a Return of Investment (ROI) for a business would be a very complicated process. With business intelligence, easily gather the business requirements, decide on the goals and objectives, prepare a business model and calculate ROI easily.

Global access from anywhere

Empower your assigned members of the organization to access the data from anywhere and anytime only with the support of business intelligence. Mobile-first Business Intelligence platform provide this feature easily.

Decydz, end-to-end business intelligence platform, lets the organization with the entire main features explained. From the real time dashboards gain your data at the respective time without any hindrance.

Lead & leave competition effortlessly!!

competition1World over, enterprises are spending more than their budgeted share to understand all about their data. This is a universal problem when comparing the ways and methods used to collect data might have been ancient to today’s advanced technologies. This creates a pressing need for enterprises and analysts to either have an “in-house tech team” come and ‘patch’ their systems or have a separate process for data updations, consolidations etc. Whatever the method maybe – it is costly and time consuming.

In gearing up for data analytics, an understanding of the following points will be really helpful to arrive at a better conclusion of things. After all, it will still cost money and that’s a big point.

  1. Be aware of technology changes!

Technology is a great disruptor and it’s this disruption that has caused enterprises to keep adjusting their technology stack to arrive at a steady state of operations. Depending on how your business is run, there may be areas where legacy frameworks are to be supported. The Cloud framework is a top bet as it is the platform of the future and a lot of enterprises (atleast mainstream) enterprises have moved to the Cloud giving them low costs (Opex), high availability (no showdowns), rapid scalability (easily ramp up your services up and down according to business need)

  1. Choose the right tool

This is more specific to your business. If you experience huge volumes of data, you could be looking at a big data solution. If you need to create customized reports from large datasets, then it would be more of visualization and reporting features with a solid modelling framework driving the whole process.

  1. Models make all the difference

So you have the data, you know the kind of report your need. So how do you go about doing it? That’s where models come in. Data models define how data is connected, stored and how they are processed within the system.  And, that’s why this is important to link this with the kind of processing you envision to achieve. You have tools that are exclusively based on modelling techniques like decision trees, regression analysis, association rule analysis, time series analysis etc. Advanced versions also include machine learning, integration with R etc

  1. Support for availability

Depending on the size of your organization, this may ramp up or down. It’s always prudent to think of the future. This is always driven by the growth of your organization. A cloud based approach would serve best because of its low start-up cost, ease of use and high availability (99% of time). This also has to do with the size of the organization. Larger organizations will have huger data overloads, would also need more processing time and power.

  1. Budget

Last but not least, budget. This is where everything falls flat.  Different vendors have different mechanisms when coming to cost. They could have it spread against different editions of the software or for the support and maintenance given etc. The costs will reflect according to the size and scope of the support being rendered. There could also be free and open source versions for some requirements as well.

We hope these tips will help you understand what lies ahead in your quest to purchase an analytical platform for your organization. We will be glad to offer you a demo of our platform and showcase how it can be beneficial for your enterprise in the long run.

Decydz: Turning data to decisions

End-to-end solutions to manage your data!!

solutionIn today’s data punctuated world, every touch point (mobiles, tablets, desktops etc) generate huge amounts of data as we process transactions and conduct businesses. This increase in data population has obviously given rise to a lot of data tools that promise you everything you need to know about your data.

The world is a connected place, thanks to high speed Internet and a plethora of devices available that takes center-stage in today’s business. But unless we make sense out of data, we can never improve or go to the next level. That’s the main reason for data analytics. It is the science of studying data, its life-cycle and history. Insights arrived from such studies pave way to make finite conclusions. But to get to the insights you must have proper data and proper analytical tools.

Proper checkpoints to prune your data collection are necessary–such that you don’t collect everything that’s not necessary, but the bits that are important and critical. These must be well documented. When run through the proper tools and systems, it will give you a complete visual picture of your business, future predictions, analysis etc.

Today, the marketplace is flooded with tools and software to give you detailed data analysis and insight in a variety of flavors and prices, but experience differs. There’s no point in investing in a tool that takes all of your time to generate reports. You’d be rather well off to spend more time with analyzing your data than doing configurations and setups. Most tools never present you the complete picture – when you want it. Most often enterprises get stuck here because they may not know technical details of the databases, data stores, formats etc. They invariably come to depend on an expert or some third party vendor to provide that fix that enables everything.

That’s why a holistic, end-to-end solution approach is necessary. This way, functions, processes and procedures will fly out of the window and you’d never need to get alarmed at anything because the tool is smart enough to know what to do with the data it is presented with. This solves many problems like connectivity issues/data formats/ adapters/settings / dealing with structured/unstructured data which plague most tools today. The results are instantaneous. Add a fluid and easy to understand interface, you’re good to go in minutes.

Investing in end-to-end solutions are the best bet as they save enterprises on setting up time, configurations, process flow etc. It does not matter if you’re a start up, an SMB or a bigger player. The most crucial piece every business wants to understand and master is data. The faster they get informed, the sooner they can make changes for the better.

This is where decydz help enterprises enormously. Spending 80% of the valuable time on modeling the data will be no longer a time-consuming process. With decydz import your data source with just clicks, build a relationship between data and create widget with charts and graphs. Decydz provide interactive visualization which reduces the gap between the executives and their business data.

To know about our precious platform or to get a demo , checkout our official website:


Self Service Business Intelligence Platform

Decydz is the new, intuitive data agnostic platform from Arivelm. With Decydz, watch and interact with your data in a matter of clicks. Get deep driven visualizations,reports in seconds. Save time, costs, resources with Decydz. From messy data to magical dashboards, Decydz empowers you with insights on any device that accelerate your business growth.

In an addition, Business users can create their own data visualizations to utilize interactive reports and dashboards. Check out the infographic below to learn more about Decydz features and how it can help you take your business to the next level.